Lab Unknown Report

For the lab unknown report, you will need to submit your laboratory note book for your unknown, as well as the descriptive chart for your unknown, and a brief statement that describes the thought processes that were required to identify the unknown.  The statement should be several sentences in length (a paragraph - not more than a single page) and should demonstrate logic and the use of data that was collected in the unknown laboratory note book.  Inconclusive results should be explained and a tentative identification should be made and supported as well as possible.  Conclusive results should include potential sources of error that might yield an inaccurate identification.

The report should be assembled as follows:


1.              Laboratory Note Book (see separate instructions for lab book)

2.              Descriptive Chart (completed to the extent possible)

3.              Statement of Identification Process

Names must be hand-written on the top of items #2 and #3.  Items #2 and #3 must be folded in half (top to bottom) and placed into the Laboratory Note Book inside the front cover.  A single paperclip can be used to secure the items together.

Table of Contents of the Lab Note Book must include the following entries in the following order:

Morphological characteristics & Gram Stain

Cultural characteristics

Oxidase test

Catalase test

O-F Glucose
Phenol Red Glu / Lact/ Sucr


Nitrate reduction

Citrate utilization

Starch hydrolysis (if completed)

Urea hydrolysis


KOH if needed

Additional tests completed


For tests not completed or skipped:  A page must be maintained for each of the above items, with an indication that the test was not completed.  AGAIN, additional tests are to be included AFTER the above items.