Final Exam Review

The content on the final exam will be drawn from the following sources in the text, which were also covered in lecture and discussion.  Also, the CDC reportable diseases will be on the exam.  Such material overlaps with the various infections starting in chapter 19.  Review the common names, scientific names, and key conditions for each of the reportable diseases.  The questions on the diseases will be similar to those that we've reviewed in class.

Ch 10.  Classification basics – scientific names, hierarchy, and the three domains (and how the species in each are classified); 272-281

Ch 12.  Eukaryotes – What are the different groups of eukaryotes (figure 12.1); helminths and vectors, without life cycles; 355-365

Ch 13.  Viruses – Characteristics, structure, taxonomy; 370-375

Ch 18.  Immunology – Antibodies; vaccines and tests, including ELISA

Ch 19.  HIV structure and infection cycle; 543-554

Ch 21.  Skin structure (589-591) and bacterial infections

Ch 22.  Nervous system (615-617) and infections

Ch 24.  Respiratory system (681-683) and infections