Diagnostic test presentation

150 points for Micro100 Lab

Use PowerPoint to create a short presentation regarding testing or diagnosing your assigned microbe/illness/toxin/etc.

Specific slides are required:

1. Title
2. Test utility or purpose (why to take the test)
3. Timing and sensitivity (when to take the test, how well the test should work)
4. Problems with test (what factors influence test success or failure)
5. Mechanics of the test (how it works, not a list of steps to do the test from the instructions of the test)
6. Interpreting results (what the results mean)
8. Source of test (where can the test be obtained or taken)

Images of the test or results are highly suggested

Save your ppt or pptx file to your SD (secure digital) card with a name that uses the following format:


You will need to bring your file in on the day of the presentation.  Bringing it in a week in advance will give you a bonus score of 25 pts.