Study Tips (presented in no particular order of importance)

Try to study in a location that allows you to concentrate on the subject; studying in bed or in front of the T.V. usually results in distractions, such as falling asleep or watching T.V.

Don't study the same material for too long; break up the monotony with different subjects, if possible, or divide the study time over several days (do not "cram" if you really want to learn the material).

Mix up your study location every other time you study a subject; even just sitting on the opposite side of a table can help to form new associations between the environment and the material (which serves to strengthen cues for memory).

Focus on a subject for a certain amount of time, but mix up the approach to the material; for example, instead of studying vocabular for an hour non-stop, study it a little, move on to diagrams describing an important process, and then come back to vocabulary for a little while again (this helps to strengthen longer-term memory).

Use a study group with 3-4 people in it.  With this number or participants, it's not too big and it's not too small, so scheduling a study time is not too difficult, and it is likely that there will be at least 2 people that can always make a session.

In a study group, alternate asking open-book questions on the subject matter; you can make this competitive by tracking individual points for answering without the text or within a certain amount of time.  Be sure to have different study participants asking the questions, since this is part of the studying component.

Use flash cards to practice vocabulary or concepts wherever you are.  There are iPhone apps for this, some are free - and you can find apps that let you upload your own information to be used in the flashcards.

Take practice quizzes and exams from sources in the text, online, and college prep guides.

READ the book - not just once, but as much as you need to so that you can learn the material; use the glossary, the index, and previous chapters to help strengthen your knowledge and understanding.