For the references component of the project, please submit the following items by the end of the week the items are due:

1) An e-mail with your references in the body of the e-mail AND attached as a Word document.
2) A hard-copy printout of your references, just the same way they are presented in the Word document.
3) A hard-copy of each of the three articles/references chosen; to save paper, only the first 4 pages of any article/reference are required in the copies turned in.  Hard copies are generally not required for resubmitted reference lists (they are sometimes required if all of the first references were not acceptable).

Your E-mail should look like this when you are ready to send it:  GOOD EXAMPLE.  Your document should look like this before you attach it:  Nicholson-Michael_BioLiterature.doc.  [Do not forget to add your first initial and Bio or Micro to the name of the document as required.]  Your e-mail and/or document should NOT look like this:  BAD EXAMPLE.  Take a good look at that again, if you have any questions:  BAD EXAMPLE IN HIGHER RESOLUTION.  Here is another example of how your e-mail and/or document should NOT look:  BAD EXAMPLE

For resubmitting references, please just follow these directions again, in entirety, with the changes that were suggested or expected in the revision.  If hard copies of papers have already been submitted, then new hard copies do not need to be provided unless specifically requested.

DO NOT USE REFERENCES THAT ARE WEB-SOURCED ONLY.  YOUR REFERENCES MUST BE FROM PRINTED JOURNALS.  THIS MEANS:  NO,,, etc.  Your reference can still be accessed on-line, but there's a difference between being able to access an article and having it ONLY be available through on-line media.  Why the rule?  When I try to check some on-line publications, even if they are 'good' journals, this is what I sometimes get: BAD EXAMPLE

All hard-copies (references page and articles) will be returned, possibly with comments.  If revisions are required for your references page, or if new references are needed, you must resubmit the assignment by e-mail only.  This should be a simple process:  To follow-up, you will just need to send me a new e-mail with your final three references itemized in the body of the e-mail and also in a Word attachment (as per the directions).


For the first item, e-mail and attachment, follow these directions:

The subject line for the e-mail must be:


This is to make it easier to save the files.  In the example below, the fictional student's name is 'Albert Student'.  Thus, his subject line has his last name, and his last name is at the top of his e-mail body.  Also, you'll notice, his e-mail has his name.  Do not copy '' in any of your e-mails, since this e-mail address is made-up for the purpose of offering an example.  Use your own e-mail.  AGAIN, just in case you missed the idea, in the note subject and body, be sure to replace "A" or "Albert" with your own first initial or name, and "Student" with your last name, where appropriate.


The body of the e-mail must include, in the following order:  Your name, 'Reference List', and the three final references you are submitting.  This is to make it easier for me to review each submission, since each will be in the same organizational format.


If your references can be obtained from an internet source, then you might want to include a link for the internet site that has your paper.  Just include the link with the reference, after the period that concludes the reference itself, with the note:  'Accessed from: http://...'  SEE THE EXAMPLE - it's really that simple to do, nothing more needs to be added.  HOWEVER, the link MUST be good, or points will be deducted; add links at your own risk.

If you are having trouble figuring out how to reference the material, then you need to check for APA formatting guidelines for referencing and citing material.  This link will bring you to a page at the Purdue OWL website that addresses formatting the references.  See the links on the left side of the page for specific examples, such as how to format a journal article reference, or a book reference.

If you are new to the world of writing papers, then this link to the Basics of APA Style might be helpful as a starter.

Firstname_BioLiterature.doc(x) or Lastname-Firstname_MicroLiterature.doc(x)] and also put your references in your e-mail.  The attachment will let me review your actual format for the references so that I can verify it is correct.


See the example below for my requirements:










Subject:      Student-Albert_Literature



Albert Student


Reference List


Burk, W. (1983). Puffball usages among North American Indians.  Journal of Ethnobiology, 3 (1), 55-62.


Lowy, B. (1974). Amanita muscaria and the thunderbolt legend in Guatemala and Mexico.  Mycologia, 66, 18-91.

Nicholson, M.  (2009).  Some spiritual uses of mushrooms.  Fungi, 2 (2), 6-7.  Accessed from: