Chapter 8.1 through 8.3 Review Questions
What is incomplete dominance?  Codominance?  Can you give an example of each?

Can you describe the genetics of ABO blood grouping?  How many alleles are there for the ABO blood type gene?

What is pleiotropy?

What are autosomes?  Sex chromosomes?

How is sex in humans determined - what combination of chromosomes results in a female or male?

What is a sex-linked gene?  Can you give an example of a sex-linked trait?

What is a pedigree?  Looking at a pedigree, what is a good sign that a specific trait is autosomal dominant?  Autosomal recessive?  X-linked?
From a pedigree, what symbol is used to identify a male?  A female?  An affected individual?  Someone who is a carrier?

Chapter 8.4 Review Questions

What are the basic steps in DNA fingerprinting?  Answer:  Isolate DNA from tissue; cut DNA into small fragments with different sizes; separate DNA fragments to identify different-sized pieces; unique fragments identify different individuals.

What is the name of one kind of DNA element used for DNA fingerprinting?  Answer:  VNTRs.

What special technique is used to make copies of DNA?  Answer:  PCR polymerase chain reaction.

What is DNA polymerase?

What is a restriction enzyme?  What does it cut?

What is gel electrophoresis?  What can it separate?