Chapter 4

What is an enzyme?  What is activation energy?  What is a substrate and an active site?  What does 'induced fit' mean?  Are enzymes reused?  How specific are enzymes?  That is, can they be used on many different substrates?

What is the cellular energy molecule called?  What is cellular respiration?  Does cellular respiration generally require oxygen (is it usually aerobic?)

What are the three steps of cellular respiration, in order?

What is the process of glycolysis for?  What does it break down and what does it produce?  Where does it occur?

What is the citric acid cycle (also called Krebs cycle)?  Where does it occur?  What does it produce?

What is the electron transport chain?  Where does it occur?  What does it produce?  What is ATP Synthase?

Where is the carbon dioxide produced during cellular respiration?  Where is oxygen consumed during cellular respiration?

Is fermentation aerobic or is it anaerobic (that is, does it use oxygen [aerobic] or not [anaerobic])?  What happens to NADH in fermentation?  What happens to NADH in cellular respiration (electron transport chain)?  What kind of organism produces alcohol by fermentation?  What kind of fermentation occurs when your muscles don't get enough oxygen for cellular respiration?

What are some health risks that are associated with obesity?  What are some health risks associated with being too underweight (from anorexia and bulimia)?