What is tuberculosis?  What causes it?  What does it affect in a person?

What is drug-resistant tuberculosis?

What is the definition of evolution?

What can biologically evolve?  Is it individuals or is it populations?

What are the four observations that led to the inference of Natural Selection?

What is fitness?  Can you give an example?

What is adaptation?  Can you give an example?

What is the result of Natural Selection?

What is Artificial Selection?  How is it different from Natural Selection?

What is the Modern Synthesis?

What is the genetic basis of variation?

Where does all NEW genetic variation come from?

What are some common misconceptions about Natural Selection?

Does Natural Selection cause new traits to arise?

Does Natural Selection have a goal?

Does Natural Selection result in perfection?

What are characteristics of the three patterns of selection - Directional, Disruptive, and Stabilizing?